Financing & Down Payments in Missouri City, Texas

New Home Guide Texas in Missouri City, Texas, specializes in financing and down payments on homes, as well as assistance with short sales and foreclosures. We help make home buying an easier undertaking.

100% Financing & Zero Down

We offer 100% financing on loans for new homes with no money down. All loans begin with a quick credit check. If you don't have the best credit, we offer counseling for your convenience. Additionally, we recommend lawyers and nonprofit organizations that can help you with your credit issues, allowing you to receive 100% financing. We sell all different types of residential homes, from condos, town homes, and single-family homes to massive multi-family homes.

House Sold, Foreclosures in Missouri City, TX

Family & House, Foreclosures in Missouri City, TX

Our real estate agency deals with all major banks for the home loans. With our program, our clients can qualify for new homes in the area and nine times out of 10, the builder will pay for the closing costs. This program is only for new homes.

Selling a Home

Let's be honest, selling a home can be a nightmare. Thankfully, you've got New Home Guide on your side. Our real estate expertise and effective marketing programs give you the exposure and edge you need to sell your home quickly and at top-dollar.

Short Sales & Foreclosures

A short sale involves a lot of negotiating with the bank. We have handled numerous short sales in the area and can help you get the file closed quickly.

We also help with the banks to report the short sale correctly on the credit bureau. With foreclosures, we find them for investors and fix them up for resale or rental. We are dedicated to helping you receive a return on your investment.

Listing Homes

We offer MLS™ services to existing homeowners to sell their homes. We also offer Internet marketing and web marketing. As part of our marketing strategy,
we also conduct open houses. When clients want to list their home with us, we do a comprehensive walk-through. We talk about presentation, customization and financing.

Contact us in Missouri City, Texas, when you need assistance with 100% financing down payments.